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is this an amarylis


By Gill59

United Kingdom Gb

This plant was bought 5 years ago at a charity sale it had lovely fleshy green leaves which started to turn yellow and die then new ones would grow this went on for 4 years, fed up with it I put it outside last Feb 2 weeks ago I noticed it was growing a bud from the centre, could it be an amarylis the flowers look too small to me.




if it not an amarylis it may be a Scarborough lily, sorry can't remember the latin name. The clue may be in the bulb, after 5 years it should have little bulblets growing from the original bulb. If not then I assume it is an amarylis

15 Oct, 2008


I think you may be right Liz. The Scarborough Lily is cyrtanthus elatus which belongs to amaryllidaceae so the two are related.

15 Oct, 2008

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