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Hosta care


By Reem777

Northanmptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

I'm new, both to gardening and to this site so am sure will be asking lots of beginers questions!

I have a 'Hosta undulata Medio Variegata' in a container, its only a small plant at the moment, it has one flower stalk but the leaves are turning yellow and dying. Am I right in thinking this is normal and its dying for the winter not because of something I've done or not done!

On plant Medio Variegata




Hi Reem777. All hostas go dormant in winter. Can't really give you a definitive answer because a) I don't know this one, b) you don't give your location and c) a picture of it would be easier to diagnose. It may be dying or just going dormant. I'm in Yorkshire and mine have just started to go to sleep.


14 Oct, 2008


I'm in Somerset and so are mine!

14 Oct, 2008


Am going to try and upload a photo so we can compare!

14 Oct, 2008


That looks like dormancy to me. Anyone know better?

14 Oct, 2008


I'd say that is dormancy too. Although hostas are hardy, they are not keen on being waterlogged during the winter so I reckon to store mine under cover for winter (in a cold frame or greenhouse). I don't give them any water during this time. As soon as they start to show signs of growth in the spring, they go outside again

14 Oct, 2008


Thank you for the advice. I've not yet got a greenhouse or a coldframe but have put the container under a tree in a shady corner for now.

14 Oct, 2008

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