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Recently I bought rhododendron "Horizon Monarch", it is very beautiful sort. However, I did not find much in internet on how to grow it. I have several rhododendrons in the garden, take the same care for them, but one of them has permanent problems, although it is the only one with the privelege to be in the shadow and the rest of them is on the full sun. I read, that rhododendrons differ in their requirements for pH of the soil.
May I ask for your recommendation on position and suitable type of soil for the rhododendron mentioned above?



So far as I am aware all rhododendrons like a neutral to acidic soil and semi-shade. If the one you have that isn't doing well is in complete shade that is the problem. Several of ours are in positions of 'full sun' - due to our climate they are perfectly happy.

15 Apr, 2011

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