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Hebe Green Globe/Emerald Green
three part question please -
Do these plants ever flower - I've had these a couple of years now and they have grown a fair bit and never been pruned.
I'm presuming that in order to keep them mound shaped can they be give a light clip to keep them in shape?
Do they end up like other Hebes I've seen - collapsed in the middle and looking dreadful?




They look like one I had at an old house but I didn't keep its name. It stayed small and round without any care at all, but of course it might not have been that one.

1 Jan, 2014


There used to be 2 versions of this shrub, but the smaller variety seems to have disappeared completely. They don't flower, and yes, clip them over periodically to keep the shape and also to encourage the plant to keep its growth in the middle. The dying back in the middle thing seems to happen more often if they're growing in a dryish situation, in my experience.

2 Jan, 2014


Thanks Steragram and Bamboo for your comments.
Stera - I'm hoping this stays nice and tidy too.
Bamboo - there is little chance of finding it too dry in my garden! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

2 Jan, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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