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Canna Indica Hybr. (Tenerife)


By Ant1969

United Kingdom Gb

I have had this plant about 6/7 months and keep it in my house - i live in mid England. During the first few months the plant rearly flushised but over the last few days the leave have started turning brown and the plant seems to be wilting. Is this normal? does it die off in the winter time? what should i do to encourage regrowth? any help much apprciated. Donna



It's completely normal for them to be blackened by frost in winter - most people unless they are in a very mild area would lift them, take off the dead foliage and store the tubers somewhere frost free over the winter. But you say you have it the house - have you got it in a place where cold is likely to affect it? Maybe it's worth checking that the tubers are not too overcrowded in its pot if it's been growing well before now.

13 Oct, 2008

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