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Bumpy lawn

West Somerset, England Eng

This is a question from my husband who is in charge of grass cutting. One large area is rather bumpy, and he is considering hiring a heavy roller to see if this would help the situation. Please does anyone have any experience in doing this - would it damage the grass rather than cure the problem?



Get your husband to prod the bumps with a garden fork, should those areas contain stones or brick rubble etc. you'd be best to remove this rubbish. The best way is to cut a herring-bone pattern, lift the pieces of turf from the centre and roll back. The whole area should be moist, not soaking wet, after he has levelled the tops of the bumps he will need to roll the whole area with a water filled roller. The last one I purchased was £70. Other than that, he could borrow an old ironcrate split roller from a local groundsman. I have used this method very often with good results.

12 Oct, 2008


The only problem with using a heavy roller is you will be compacting the soil underneath which may lead to problems with moss in the future. The 'proper' way to do it is to remove some of the soil under each bump but I realise this is a long job and your husband may not be that keen!

13 Oct, 2008


I hope you don't have any lawn beetles there! I once had and they ate the roots and then I had those brown patches and they created a bumpy idea, as the grass next to those spots was higher. I sprayed for lawn beetle a few times and got rid of the pests. If the grass is irregular, then what I would do is get sand and throw it on liberally, raking it softly with a grass rake and try and even it out. Sand will fall in the holes and lower parts when you then water it in. I believe you will get enough rain as it is, to sort out that last feature. All other methods seem such hard work! The grass will grow through the sand in no time at all, well, if you have sunshine, that is. My last resort would be to chop it up or use machines, you'll cut the grass that way underneath the ground.

14 Oct, 2008

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