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any ideas for a cold windy shaded wall.


By Sandra

pembrokeshire, Wales Wal

i have been working for a 90 year old lady called mary today, clearing leylandii trees, a shed, and a huge verginia creeper. she's going to start growing veg in a raised bed where the trees were. but wants some suggestions for the wall. it is her view out of her kitchen window, and a narrow passageway to her garden. i told her i would ask you all as you keep comming up with great suggestions.



I'd recommend a good stand-by for these sort of positions - euonymus. Evergreen variegated leaves and clings to the wall without support. 'Silver Queen' and 'Emerald Gaiety' are the ones I'd suggest

8 Oct, 2008


euonymus sounds good to me. and their evergreen so no slippery leaves. the wall is about thirty foot long so i think a few different colours would be great. thanks.

8 Oct, 2008


Is there any sun there so that you could have Clematis there too? Evergreen ones so that they don't drop their leaves?

8 Oct, 2008


no sun at all as there are building either side. i'm going to put a climbing hydranega and some euonymous (thanks andrew) and maybe a few ferns.

8 Oct, 2008


if you build your wall up the north po;e i can quite safly say they would be great conditions lol

9 Oct, 2008


the north pole would be a bit far for me to go to work. i'd have to charge them diesel

9 Oct, 2008


90 and growing her own veg, hope i'm as fit at that age! Well done Mary!!!

11 Oct, 2008


i hope im even kicking at that age let alone have the pressance of mind to want to veg lol

11 Oct, 2008


Mary is amazing
me and my son david cut 12 leylandii trees down for Mary on wednesday turned up to put them in the skip on friday and she had and i quote

moved as much as i could....

she did snooze the afternoon away in the chair. but only after making us the most georgeous banana and walnut cake to have with our tea...

11 Oct, 2008


brilliant i take my hat of to her

12 Oct, 2008

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