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Mystery Plant


By Malcolm

United Kingdom Gb

This appeared in my greenhouse.
I didn't plant it and there's nothing like it growing nearby
It's about 5 feet high and resembles a multi-stemmed sweetcorn plant with green flower spikes at the end of each stem.
Does anybody know what it is please?
Thank you




Are the stems triangular in shape? (They feel three sided). If so then it looks like Carex pendula, a sedge.

7 Oct, 2008


anyone near you got giant grass as it could of blown into your greenhouse.

8 Oct, 2008


Could be Barnyard Grass (Echinochlioa ) . It came up in my path where I had thrown Birdseed.. It grows at great speed . Because I wondered what it was I allowed it to seed, it went on Compost heap, next year it appeared in various places, could easily become a pest. except in this country it is killed by frost.

8 Oct, 2008

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