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By Mummala

United Kingdom Gb

what plants that are in pots should come into the house during winter?



What a difficult question, Mummala! Doesn't this depend on what you have in pots? I suppose the best answer without knowing what you have, is that anything frost-tender will need to come indoors, and some of the others may need protection with fleece or bubble-wrap around the pots in case of heavy frost which could freeze the roots or crack open the pots. Could you tell us what you have in pots outside for a better answer?

7 Oct, 2008


Dear Spritzhenry is that your name, the dog's name or is it an ailment you are suffering from? He He. I have had a look at your photos and they look amazing. I have two enormous pots one full of lavender and rosemary with a plant whose name I do not know in the centre. Long thin stems with long slender leaves and the flowers are formed almost from a pod which releases almost lily like flowers but very thin. In another pot I have St Johns Wart which is leaning heavily to one side. In another pot I have jasmine which is growing rapidly and unfortunately I had a clematis it flowered lots in the summer but appears to have died. All I have are brown woody stems.

7 Oct, 2008


Hallo - we haven't met before, as I have had a bereavement and been off-line for a while. Thanks for the compliments!
My name comes from my son's beloved dog (no longer with us) and my own Labrador, Henry. You will find him in some photos as he's very nosy!
Back to plants. Lavender needs a careful trim now and then a harder haircut (not into old wood) in the spring. It can stay out. So can Rosemary. Jasmine should be fine, too, as should your leaning Hypericum (maybe re-pot and prune a bit to straighten it?) Poor Clematis. Tidy it up and wait and see if it sends up new shoots in the spring! I can't imagine what the other plant is - unless it's Schizostylis - look at mine on my page to see if it's the same. That can also stay out if it is - but I would have it in the ground, not a pot. Hope this helps!

7 Oct, 2008

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