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By Mummala

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What a lovely friendly website this is.I am very new to gardening so it will all be trial and error for me. My father had a wonderful garden with vegetables at the very end of the garden and was very innovative - growing a wonderful grape vine which harvested many fruitsand lots of wild and wonderful plants. I am a real lover of nature and wondered what would grow happily in a south/east facing garden. I would like to grow interesting flowers, not necessarily wild colours but ones that are different to the run of the mill type flowers. Any suggestions?



Hello and a big welcome form our wonderful website Mummala.

You have come to the right place for help a great bunch of friends aboard here ready to help you.

First have you get any flowers in your garden ?

This may be a balnk cansvas so to speak we are starting on.

Do you have a photo of your garden .

My favourite is gerberas whcih I do have growing in my raised bed an dwill need to take in before the frost.

Also there is a hardy gerbera but says it still needs to be covered with fleece through winter.

I love all flowers good luck.

7 Oct, 2008


Hi amd welcome to GOY Mummala.

7 Oct, 2008


Gardening is a very personal thing. I would suggest you visit lots of other gardens. At this time of the year go into their websites, lots of gardens have very good photos. Buy some good illustrated books and also some easy to understand practical books. Join a local garden club if possible. And if you can, learn Latin names of plants ,it opens up a whole new perspective on plants, and lastly visit this site, not only will you pick up lots of tips ,you will realise what a lot of different ideas are around. By the way, gerberas to me are for flower shops and flower arrangers!!! There you are, Scot kat loves them, I don't!!!!!

7 Oct, 2008


Hallo Mummala - welcome from me too! Could you please let us know what type of soil you have? There are so many plants and shrubs which will grow in acid soil which wouldn't thrive in alkaline. Then we can maybe come up with some ideas. Take a look at what your neighbours are growing - that will give you a clue - if they've got Rhododendrons and Pieris, it's likely to be acid soil. Wyeboy has given you some pointers to make a start but we'd be more than happy to give you some ideas - what colours are you after???

7 Oct, 2008

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