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japanese bananna plant propagation?

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i have mini bannanas growing from a pod,can i use these as seeds to grow more, if not can i transplant off shoots ? at the moment i cut the leaves off in the winter and wrap them in gauze. i live near Llanelli

On plant Musa basjoo




I really don't think you can use the fruits unless you are sure that they are from a fertile species (i.e. not sterile, like most of the bananas we eat). Most banana plants die after fruiting, but produce small baby plants from the base. I suggest that you carefully break or cut off the babies when the mother plant has died back and pot them up. Should be fun!

5 Oct, 2008


i believe you seperate them slowley parting them so they can adjust but ask urban jungle or look at exotic jungle they will know

5 Oct, 2008

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