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any ideas how to kill off moss in plock paved drive, tried moss killer, but no joy



why not try some salt

4 Oct, 2008


Would a pressure washer help... just a thought.

5 Oct, 2008


I think Jeyes Fluid, might do the trick. I'm only guessing.

5 Oct, 2008


I pressure wash mine. Much easier afterwards to resand and can be done fairly quickly. The problem with chemicals (besides them being nasty) is they can stain your pavers. It is possible to hire a jet washer if no one has one you can borrow just make sure you get one with a high bar (?) means more pressure and takes less time. You will also need top to toe waterproofs but it is fun!

5 Oct, 2008


Councils use mini flame guns which charged by camping gas cylinders .Not as lethal as they sound.

6 Oct, 2008

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