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Plant id please


By Simbad

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Been to my mother in laws today and she had this lovely little plant in her garden asked me if I knew what it was, at first I thought it looked like anemone blanda but the leaf shape is wrong, any ideas?
Sorry about the picture quality taken on my mobile phone.




I agree Simbad. It does look like an Anemone, but the leaf is wrong.

27 Mar, 2011


The leaf looks like an Oxalis to me.

27 Mar, 2011


Definitely looks like an Anemone flower, but it also looks like it's coming up through a Water Fern (Marsilea), to me.

28 Mar, 2011


It's Hepatica noblis. A woodland plant. Or, maybe, H. montana, a slightly more robust form.

28 Mar, 2011


Bb is right as ever!

28 Mar, 2011


Thanks Bulbaholic your a star:-)

28 Mar, 2011


Way to go, Bulbaholic!
Alas, yet another one NOT for the low desert, though.

30 Mar, 2011

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