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new zealand flax

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ive got some overgrown new zealand flax which i need to cut back, whats the best way of cutting through the leaves,some tip was a machette.



I use strong scissors. Also approach your local florist, someone once mentioned on this site that they are usually more than willing to take it off your hands, for their displays.

3 Oct, 2008


I can understand the machette suggestion. The leaves are pretty tough! I use my secateurs but it does take a long time to cut individually. I may go and invest in a machete myself now!

3 Oct, 2008


well i would cut each leaf realy or you can pull the leaves out of the heart of the plant with a bit of a tug.looks much tydier.if you want the plant smaller get ready for some hard work and get a good axe.mine was dug up ,butcherd leaves and roots and sat in the sun for weeks.i decided to get a bit.well that was a mission but i planted it and its doing fine .did you know flax leaves were used for sewing and long bow strings.very strong.i think you could tow a small car with a couple of leaves

4 Oct, 2008

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