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passiflora caerulea [passion flower]


By Boydie

warwick [birmingham], United Kingdom Gb

i have been given some seeds for this plant,can someone tell me how do Istart them off, please



Were you given a fruit with seeds in?
I've been given one, so I'd also like to know, please.:o)

2 Oct, 2008


no, just a small bag of seeds

2 Oct, 2008


I've tried from seed a couple of times with no luck. It was suggested that a couple of months cold stratification then just keep planted in general compost at about 80o fahrenheit was the best way. But I was also warned that germination rates are low. Apparently passiflora caerulia is the easiest. Do you know what yours are?

Just a point on cold stratifying. It is not good enough just to put seeds in the fridge dry. They have to be in moist conditions. I put mine (all seeds not just passiflora) in a polythene bag with some moist sphagnum moss and seal it, then forget it for the time it is in there. I've had reasonable luck with many but, as I said, not with passiflora nor with the japanese acer. That one is another difficult one.

I'm just processing some giant himalayan lilies and will let you know about those in spring.

3 Oct, 2008


"Sow seeds in pots or pans of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 18-21degC (64-70). Prick out the seedlings when large enough to handle, into 3in pots."

Extract from Readers Digest Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants and Flowers.1975.

Hope this helps.

3 Oct, 2008

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