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pampus grass


By Shammy

United Kingdom Gb

how do stoppampus grass growing only have moved from one area of garden to another but it still grows where its not needed any weed or plant killer that might help



2 ways Shammy. The hard way is to dig it out with a very sharp spade then trim to size and replant (assuming you want to replant - otherwise burn). If replanting a large saw helps.

The easy way is to pour paraffin over it and torch it BUT BE CAREFUL THERE IS NOTHING VALUABLE OR FLAMMABLE NEAR. It will disappear but in a year or 2, like Arnie, it will be back but not as vigorous for a few years.

It's nearly impossible to kill but you could try with either several applications of a systemic weed-killer or even pour strong sodium chlorate solution over it if you don't mind what you kill.

3 Oct, 2008

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