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colchicum bulbs division & replanting

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Hi there,
We have been working on a large area and have had to dig up a large amount of colchicum bulbs whilst they are in flower. At the moment they are still in their clumps in a cool semi-dark place. Is it ok to seperate the clumps now and replant the bulbs when the area is again ready for them, in a few weeks time? I know its the wrong time to divide them but we had no choice. Please what is our best plan of action in this situation. There are around 200-300 bulbs so we really want to do the right hing for them.
Many thanks



Now is actually as good a time as any to split up and replant the bulbs, they have not got any roots as of yet so you are not disturbing anything. Must confess to being envious of that number of them though!

2 Oct, 2008


Precisely - did you win the lottery? :-)

2 Oct, 2008

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