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Is my Wisteria dead


By Nz1

New Zealand Nz

It may be hard for you to answer this as our season are differant it's early spring at the moment, i planted a Wisteria Sinensis in May this year (end of Summer) up till now it have no growth at all, I took a small cutting of it which is still green inside.Is it dieing or just slow in coming to life again, there are others in the area flowering,can you help please



If it still looks green inside then there is hope of life. Mine gets leaves by May usually, but I can see the buds for flowers and leaves in April, which is Spring here. So I think you should see at least buds forming. Be patient for a bit longer.

2 Oct, 2008


Wisteria are very hardy. If there are buds visible on the stems it should be okay.
They rarely flower before 5 years old and the flowers do appear slightly before the foliage in the spring. I would be suprised if it doesn't suddenly comes to life over the next few weeks.

2 Oct, 2008


Are the wisterias already in flower growing against sunny walls and yours not? Warm walls (or any other sort of microclimate) will bring on things ahead of others in the area

2 Oct, 2008


Thankyou all for your help i will keep you posted as to what happens
Thanks again

2 Oct, 2008

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