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trying to identify a tree!!


By Jolanta

I am trying to identify a tree in my garden and how much its roots can spread?
it was planted in 1990
Can anyone help?




Try this web site:

The site identifies trees from the small detail of a leafy twig, rather than the broad detail of a whole-tree view as you've provided.

11 Feb, 2008


I bet bluespruce can tell you! LOL - Seriously, ask him! He has so much experience with conifers.

12 Feb, 2008


Look closer at the needles, are they in bunches of two ? threes ? or fives ? also the photo is not clear, a close up of the buds would also help, would you also say the colour is green ? or more of a blue -green. The root system of pine trees are very compact and do not spread too far, in comparison with other trees of a similar size.

12 Feb, 2008

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