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By Mep

I got this plant at a plant shop a few years ago and it's been happy until recently when some of its leaves began to brown and wither. I need help identifying it so that I can nurse it back to health. I assume it's a type of fern but I could be wrong. When I bought it, it had only one or two leaves and I believe the tag said that it is Vietnamese...Please help me in indentifying this plant. For now I'm following the rules for caring for ferns, but if I can correctly identify it, I will have a better shot at "fixing" him.
Extra info: leaves are a bit "furry" and about 1-2 inches long (1 inch wide).



The nearest match for this that I can find is a Pilea. If so, the problem may be over-watering. You may be able to save it by taking it out of its pot for a day or two, Trim off any rotting roots, clean off some of the old compost and repot in fresh. Water it with carbendazim solution then let it dry out a bit before you resume normal watering. Hope this helps - maybe one of our florists will have a more definite identification.

12 Feb, 2008

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