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Photinia leaf discolouration.

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I've had this photinia for about three trouble free years. Can anyone tell me why the leaves are now getting these blotchy red/ maroon markings on them? It's planted in a reaonably moist,shady spot in clay.

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Answers see if this helps!Difficult to see on your photo,but it may be a match?

9 Feb, 2008


My photinia has sustained black/brown patches during the winter from frost damage. This might be different from your problem, difficult to tell.

12 Feb, 2008


Thanks,Darryluk, Chrispook. I tracked the site down and the problem does seem to resemble entomo leaf spot. But the site also put me onto other links including the R. H. S. A member there asked a similar question and both leaf spot and winter frost and wind/rain damage were suggested as possible culprits. I reckon I'll sit tight for a while and see how it goes. Thanks again for your help, I'll keep you posted.

12 Feb, 2008


When I went to our local Nursery on Saturday i noticed that their Photinias had the same problem - they wouldn't be selling them if it were a major problem, they are a reputable outfit.

12 Feb, 2008


Could your photinia be growing on heavy clay? If so, this might be the problem because heavy clays are notoriously not well drained and photinia prefers a soil that has good drainage. Just a thought.

17 Nov, 2011

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