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whens the best time to move shrubs and other plants



Hello... it depends on the shrub or plant but I have moved all sorts of things at the wrong time and been okay, pleased to say. Today, I moved two small Azaleas - dug the hole in the new place, put in a handful of compost/topsoil/chicken "poo"/water retaining dust mixed together, watered till full, popped in the Azalea and covered, patted in nicely. I have moved things in full bloom successfully in the past which is not recommended but if great care is taken - big hole, good soil and feed, watered well before and afterwards and a big rootball with extra soil around it, it will be fine. Just take care and all will be well.

26 Sep, 2008


I also have been doing this as the weather has been fantastic then ,they are getting a good start and in Spring new growth.

26 Sep, 2008


Now is a good time. The soil is damp at the moment and still quite warm which will allow the roots to start establishing quickly.
Avoid planting in direct sun on a warm day.

26 Sep, 2008

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