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Any tips for growing Datura?

Falkirk, United Kingdom Gb

Im growing Datura Blackcurrant Swirl for the very first time , anyone give me any tips on growing this plant , remember I live in Central Scotland .Thanks

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Make sure you take it inside for the winter - they do not like frost! but if you are short of space they respond well to hard pruning. Keep it dryish through the winter - then pot up into fresh compost in spring, give it plenty of nitrogen fertiliser, and put it outside after all frosts are gone. Give it a decent size pot - or pot on as it grows (sometimes v quick!) when it has a good amount of leaf/vegi growth give it plenty of flower food, and if it dries out quickly, sit on a pot saucer - or pot up again. Dead head flowers as they die and plenty of new ones will come, then sit back and enjoy - but don't eat any part of it - it's poisonous!

17 May, 2007


I hate to tell you but my datura has lasted several years outside with a fleece jacket over it and straw round the base. I do live in Hampshire so maybe that helps too!. It is now shooting from the bottom again. It is possible to get a decent size in one year but dont be too quick to put it into a big pot straight away - go up gradually until they fill each pot - you will get more flowers.

17 May, 2007


Thank you so very much for your answers ! I really appreciate this , Im well chuffed as I expected this plant to last only this year , will be interesting to see if I can keep it going here in Central Scotland , will let you all know how I get on . Thanks again and Happy Gardening !

18 May, 2007


Hiya, I am in Moray and can't keep Datura outside in winter, they spend the cold months in a frost free but unheated porch. Datura are very greedy plants when in growth, feed every week and give them loads and loads of water. You get maximum flowers if you place them in full sun for the summer.

24 May, 2007


Thanks for all this info, I am growing one from a cutting a friend gave me, I rooted it in a bucket of water and once potted up it's growing really fast, but only one flower so far. I was told they don't like it if it's windy.

16 Jun, 2007

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