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Thank you all for the insights. As for the stems being round/square and having a scent, I will have to check this when I get home (Darn job is getting in the way of my hobbies!)




I don't think for one moment it is a campanula but what it is, I really don't know, has it flowered? If the flowers are bellshaped then maybe it is an unusual campanula. Andrewr where are you on this one?!!!!

24 Sep, 2008


There are Campanula with small leaves like this, eg. C. fragilis or c. cashmeriana, but I cannot think of any at present with heart shaped leaves like that. It would be interesting to see the flowers.

24 Sep, 2008


It looks a bit like an end-of the season marjoram. Are the leaves fragrant when rubbed? Also there might be some brown remains of flowers on the ends of the stems if it is.

24 Sep, 2008


The leaves look like salvia of some sort

24 Sep, 2008


Does the stem feel round or square? If square, it's a member of the labiate family which includes salvias but not campanulas

24 Sep, 2008

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