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I live in England and have managed to raise seedlings of Dicksonia antarctica and fibrosa from spores - now mostly at the three leaf stage in the case of the antarctica and fibrosa have no true leaves yet. Apart form watering and protection from frost, is there anything special that needs doing to keep the plants healthy? When should I start feeding them and what liquid ffed would suit them? Has anybody managed to keep more mature plants outddors during the Winter with frost protection in the form of straw etc?

On plant Dicksonia antarctica



Well done David. Keep them moist of course and I hope you eat a good healthy diet and are relatively young as it will be around fifteen years before the central rhizome develops enough girth and strength to start growing upwards (and this under glass).

Sorry, but D. antarctica is a complete waste of time from such a small size (if you are looking for a trunk).

Liquid feeds should always be regular and quite diluted.

As you live in Nottinghamshire in the centre of the country away from any moderating coastal areas, wintering indoors is an absolute must too.

Good luck anyway.


11 Mar, 2011

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