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rose called remembrance

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I have a rose called remebrance, i have noticed over the last two weeks that black spots are appearing on the leaves and the leaves are starting to go dry and drop off. I have been spraying it with an all purpose green fly, white fly and black spot spray but not sure if its working. can you advise please?



The rose is probably infected with a fungal disease known (oddly enough ;>] ) as 'black spot'. It is difficult to control. I would suggest a systemic fungicide, or a fungicidal spray. Follow label directions. The fungus spreads by spores, and is worse under humid or wet conditions. This fall, make sure all old foliage is removed from the vicinity including the leaves that have dropped to the ground. You may want to start treating the rose first thing in the spring, as the fungal spores can overwinter. I apply a spray of lime sulfur when the plants are dormant in the spring, and follow up with a fungicide. During the growing season, try not to get the foliage wet when you water, or only water in the morning so the foliage is dry by nightfall.

23 Sep, 2008


Interestingly enough I was at a garden club meeting this morning and the speakers had a garden with a large number of roses of all sorts. The man who looked after the roses said he sprayed every three weeks starting in April to avoid black spot with a combined pesticide and fungicide. There was no other way to stop it. I spray only once or twice a year and always get black spot!

23 Sep, 2008

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