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By Donnah

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Goy People Please can you tell me what plant this is, Thank you

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Ooo can't help but i like the bottom one very unusual!

8 Mar, 2011


These are my neighbours plants she has not a clue what they are nore have I

8 Mar, 2011


The last one looks like a spikey lettice But I am sure its not

8 Mar, 2011


The first one is a petasites, probably P. japonicus. They grow in full or part shade in soil that is permanently moist. Grows from rhizomes and may become invasive

The second one is silybum marianum, a biennial in the thistle family. It grows in full sun in well-drained soil that is poor to moderately fertile

8 Mar, 2011


The first is a Butterbur, an invasive wild plant that grows in moist shade.

8 Mar, 2011


And something I would weed out rapidly!

8 Mar, 2011


I agree ...., first pic is Petasites japonicus, I have P hybridus too. OK if there is plenty of space for them, mine are along the banks of my brook so fine and so nice to see their flowers at this time of year. After the flowers come the big leaves which turn bronze later in the year. Is invasive but if you have the room, they are OK.

2nd pic definitely Silybum, the leaves are so gorgeous :-)

8 Mar, 2011

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