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By Sarahc

derry, Ireland Ie

at the minute we are clearing a area in the back garden for a patio, we were thinking of getting to coloured stamped concrete done, does anyone have any info on this or maybe have had it done themselves.thank you



You know what my opinion on this type of hard surface is very mixed, I've seen some terrific jobs and I've seen some dreadful jobs, personally I wouldn't get it, but that's just a personal thing, no other reason.

I think the main draw back is that unlike a slab if it gets cracked or chipped, which happens often as I've seen, you can't just lift a section like you would a slab and replace it, you have to do some unsightly patch up work, which just never looks good, based on the fact that new and old concrete will not bond and the colour tone of the concrete will be different to the originial tone.

Make sure you check out past works of the person who is doing it for you, because the landscaper you get to do it, really will make a huge difference to the quality of the area.

It's usually used for driveways and paths, maybe you'd want something a bit more dressy for a patio. There are lots of lovely slabs out there, have a shop around, if you need any advice on getting them laid just drop me a message.

22 Sep, 2008


I had it done for my driveway several years ago and was pleased with the result (see pictures of my front garden at 'Devonia'). But it does have to be resealed every three years to keep the frost out. I would also ask any prospective installer to give you the addresses of other properties in the area where he has done the same work and go and see what they look like and talk to the owners

22 Sep, 2008


well i would use plastisiser to stop the about black and white squares and make a winning chess game.the castles make great and white realy pulls out the colour of most plants

23 Sep, 2008


Yes i've just had concete imprinting done to my driveway, its not completely finished yet i will post pics on when it is, its looking good, a lot better that part tarmac and slabbing which it was before, you have to shop around though and make sure the work is done to spec, i went knocking on the previous customers doors and got a few pointers, it was well worth it, lots of colours and designs to choose from as well.

2 Oct, 2008

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