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In early Spring last year we decided to turn an area of unused ground into a vegetable garden. Obviously it was too late to dig the ground over and work in manure , so we just went ahead and planted anyway. The results were quite good but the soil is impoverished.

We were just about to dig it over and add compost and manure in November when our bad weather started and the ground was frozen solid for weeks. I'm assuming that it would be too late to dig the ground over and manure now for the coming season so what would you suggest?



You need to be selective with what you are growing, your seed bed does not require heavy manure, your bean trench will. As crops grow you can always use liquid manure and top up with well rotted manure as a mulch.

5 Mar, 2011


Hi Anne I agree with doctor bob, you need to plan what you are going to grow and remember this needs to be rotated. Brassicas like consolidated ground, so weed with a hand fork and try not to break up the soil too much. Seed beds need digging and raking to make a fine "cumb" texture so avoid mulch and manure. Manure can also damage seedlings. In the autumn I put a good Layer of my homemade compost on and let the worms work their magic!

Start small and work your way up, when I started growing veggies I ended up with rows of swedes the size of foot balls and corgettets coming out of my ears!

Now I plan and grow what I know my family will eat, to avoid a glut of crops.

Happy veg growing.

5 Mar, 2011


You could start by taking out trenches where your potatoes will be, putting a layer of compost/ manure in the bottom and then filling the trench back in. When the time comes, plant the potatoes above the compost.

5 Mar, 2011


Thanks for your help

6 Mar, 2011

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