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Hello - I have a lovely white hydrangea growing in a half barrel. It always flowers beautifully - this year especially so - but I think it is outgrowing its pot now. It's certainly taking up more space than we can spare it on our terrace. I guess it's about 3 ft high and easily 4 foot wide. I've never pruned it because I thought it flowered on the new wood so should I prune it? If so - when and how?? Or would it be better to try to replant it into the garden - and does it prefer dappled shade which it has now, full sun, or doesn't it care? It is such a lovely plant I really want to do my best to keep it. Any help would be much appreciated.



i don't think hydrangeas like full sun . as it's in a pot i am sure you could transplant it anywhen, but autumn is a good time anyhow.put some ericacious compost in the hole before you plant and water well before removing from pot.

22 Sep, 2008

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