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Should i plant Virginia Creeper on the side of my house


By Strude

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom

Or am i setting myself up for problems. Does it damage brickwork and roof tiles How would you be able to stop it getting onto the roof



If your brickwork is sound it will do no damage. Though it can cause damage to badly pointed or cracked walls.
If you are not able to climb a ladder and trim it back each spring then you probably are setting yourself up for trouble. If allowed to reach the roof tiles it is likely to penetrate and damage them

21 Sep, 2008


I have parthenocissus tricuspidata, which I call Virginia creeper, but which is officially Boston ivy, growing up a wall ajacent to my garden. It reaches roof level each year, and sometimes comes round the corner onto the house. Each spring I just reach as high as I can (aboutsix and a half feet) and cut off every growing shoot, and each year it grows over the roof again. it's a sensation in autumn, just waiting for it to turn any day now.

21 Sep, 2008


I would echo Fleurdemai. We have a Virginia Creeper growing up the back of our three storey house. It needs a radical prune once a year and bits taken off it occasionally during the summer. (see page 3 of our photos - we reduce it to half its height).

It makes a magnificent display for about three weeks in September/October. However, it can be quite rampant and gets in through the windows and its 'feet' stick to the curtain linings in rooms we aren't using!

Normally, my husband gets up the ladder and I hold the base. Unfortunately, he has just had a vertigo attack and fractured his skull so I don't think it is wise for him to climb ladders! We will have to SOS our sons - which goes against the grain since we like to do everything ourselves.

21 Sep, 2008


Parthenocissus henryana (also sometimes listed as vitis henryana) is from the same family but not so vigorous, only reaching around fifteen feet. While it doesn't turn flaming red in the autumn like virginia creeper, it still puts on a decent show; it also has the added advantage that the veins show white against the green leaves for the rest of the time so it is more attractive when in leaf

21 Sep, 2008


Like Andrewr I have a Henryana, as he says, it is not so vigorous. That is why I chose it
Mine is still small but it has turned flaming red, I'll post a photo when I get a minute.
I think I read somewhere it is happy to grow in light or shade but will only turn flaming red in Autumn on a wall that gets plenty of sun

21 Sep, 2008


Thank you for all replies, I better not risk it, i think i will look out for the Henryana variety instead.

23 Sep, 2008


Avoid like the plague

27 Jul, 2011

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