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Contaminated pond


By Xela

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am in a quandary about my pond.
I first noticed the problem yesterday when a hissing noise emitted from the ground near the edge of the pond, the ground became water-logged and I noticed water seeping out of the manhole cover and spreading into the shallow end of the pond nearby. I realised my daughter had just pulled the plug in the bath. Paul has kindly cleared the blockage causing the drain to overflow but I am concerned about the effect of the contamination in the pond. Will nature restore the balance alone or should I clean it? What would you advise ?



Well Xela really depends what was in your drain and what you have in your pond.If you have fish then may be advisable to rescue them and place them in a bucket of fresh water for a few days. Draining a pond is ok if you have a submersible pump and somewhere for water to go.

The most harmful by product would be bleach and toilet cleaners not erm.. human by products.If no fish then think you can afford to wait to check for signs of contamination ie plants failing unpleasant aroma before considering draining pond.

19 Sep, 2008


what you ned to do if you can is put your hose in the pond and let it overflow for a while till the water looks clear.maybe open the drain hole me its a nice and easy quick fix.just for the stress put a tea spoon of sea sault a gallon in there if you can work the gallons out

20 Sep, 2008


Many thanks for your advice.I haven't looked at the pond yet today, I am such a coward. However, I will add to this thread to let you know how things progress.

20 Sep, 2008



20 Sep, 2008

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