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Can anyone identify this ?

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I have this rather large plant growing in my garden.
We are not sure if it is a weed, but having said that I rather like it.
So my question is what is it & is it a weed ?




It is a weed but I can't remember the name!!!

18 Sep, 2008


Yes, I agree, but I can't remember either.

18 Sep, 2008


I agree, it looks so healthy. Have you noticed how weeds grow faster than plants. Welcome to GOY.

18 Sep, 2008


It's ragwort, a fairly pernicious weed. It's poisonous to livestock and the bane of farmers. It's a senecio (Ithink) and has a composite yellow daisy flower if you want to let it survive. I like 'weeds' in my garden, but would probably draw the line at this one!

18 Sep, 2008


Yes, Readehahn - I'm sure you are right on this one!

18 Sep, 2008


. Looks far too healthy. At one time it was illegal to have it growing near pasture. but I like it because of the Caterpillars boldly striped yellow and black, which live on it and turn into the lovely red BURNET MOTHS which fly in the day time.

18 Sep, 2008


There is no such thing as a weed. It is only a flower out of place.

21 Sep, 2008

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