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By Kelf

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Hi everyone!

ive just discovered some extra garden, ive dug it over and cleared all the rubble.

Ive just grassed it over (mon) lo and behold lots of cat mess, can anyone tell me a good way to deter them? i have used silent roar in the past but i think the cats have got used to it?!



Some folk say the elactronic devices that emit a sound that deters cats are good. I can't speak from personal knowledge. Hope you find something that works.

18 Sep, 2008


Yes, we were plagued with cats who pestered our pet tortoise, we bought an electronic device which someone recommended to us, we haven't seen a cat since. Try it.
Good luck.

18 Sep, 2008


string it over criss cross cats wont want to get tangled in it ,i had the same problem in my herb garden when i dug it over ,so i put in lots of empty plant pots tilted over where the loose soil was ,it stopped the cat and looks quite quirky i might leave them there ,good luck carol

18 Sep, 2008


Thanks for that, i shall have a look whats on the market and hopefully next time i report the kitty cats will have found a new loo!

18 Sep, 2008


perhaps a dog or vissit a zoo the big cat inclosier if you know what i mean.seriously if you can borrow a dog for a week the cats soon learn wear they can go.

19 Sep, 2008


Actually i will be looking after my brothers dog in a couple of weeks, never thought about that!

19 Sep, 2008


just give the cat a head start and i know this sounds nasty.put his poo round the garden.

19 Sep, 2008

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