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Whats digging in our garden?


By Irwin

United Kingdom Gb

We have found that something either a fox or badger is digging in our garden over night and destroying our bark chipping pathway and also the undergrowth. what can we do to stop it?



Really quite difficult to ensure such animals kept out of your garden without secure fencing.Even then if determined to visit will often dig a way in.Bark chipping a haven for wood lice which they both eat followed by a forage through your borders whilst there.

Could try a motion detector light as they approach failing this consider changing bark to gravel or similar if problem persists.

17 Sep, 2008


There is a spray animal repellent which you can get at B&Q - it has helped me with a rabbit problem. It might help while you check out your fences! Good luck - we get Badgers foraging in our lawns so I know how annoying and damaging it can be.

17 Sep, 2008


puut human hair from a barbers and hang it round your garden or get a dog perhaps but that mite dig ya pathe up.for whats its worth its a badger thats more likley to dig as youve explained.its looking for worms etc.there much more weary of humans than foxes.i hope ive helped

17 Sep, 2008


Male urine,wee,pee whatever you want to call it should have the same effect as far as sprays have to deter foxes. I'm not suggesting you go peeing around your garden but maybe in a bucket or such like, then tip it around the perimiter or entrance that you think they are using.

You can put the excess if you have gallons of the stuff on the compost, this also helps the process.

You will know if it's male foxes you have as they have a very distinct musky smell, that they leave behind.
Good luck.

17 Sep, 2008


i have another realy good tip.get a kiddies big old fluffy toy and put it somewear obvious every night

19 Sep, 2008

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