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As I have said before I am new to this game! I only have pansies left in my green house which are almost ready to go outside but what seeds can I now plant in there to watch them grow? I lwant to grow asters or flowers I can pick but the packets say dont plant until after Christmas. Suggestions greatly apprciated.



It will be the best game you ever play, gardening I mean,
Seeds to sow:Why not try Poor Mans Orchid (Schizanthus), Brompton Stocks, Cineraria (grey),
Cuttings of Fuchsia, Penslemons, Ivy leaf Geraniums.
Plants: Polyanthus, Primrose, more Pansies.
Small bulbs: Anenomes (corms) crocus.
Have a ball.

16 Sep, 2008


Thanks for that. I have primroses (even kept them in the fridge).Will try the Schizanthus. I have fuschia and geraniums but wouldn't know how to take cuttings. Any one like to explain please - I have trailing geraniums and ordinary ones!

16 Sep, 2008


Cut off the tip of your Ivy leaf geraniums with the growing tip and two full leaves above the node you deleaf and take out the bud.
Mix a seed compost with a little sharp sand, put 5 cuttings round the edge of a 3inch pot. Firm in compost.
Fuchsia do the same.
You can watch cuttings grow roots in a jam pot full of water on the kitchen window sill.

16 Sep, 2008


You can also start your sweet peas off in October, three seeds to a pot, or better still, make newspaper pots or use root trainers and plant them in those - then you don't disturb the roots when you plant them out next spring. Soak the seeds in tepid water overnight before planting.

16 Sep, 2008


I know you asked about seeds, but I'm going to go the cuttings route like DrB .. I'm taking Begonia cuttings now, rooting them in water, and then will overwinter them frost-free for a *stunning* (slugs permitting!) display next year

16 Sep, 2008


Me being thick again - how do I make newspaper pots? Do I keep the compost moist until the seeds start sprouting? Do I need heating in the greenhouse to achieve this? I will try cutting the geraniums and fuschia and I think the easiest way forward for me is to root them in water first - I can but try!

17 Sep, 2008


Xela got a News Paper Pot Maker From Tescos few months back Evieweale but sadly all sold out now as i went looking4 one myself being Earth Friendly Person :) So Spritz how do u make your News papaer Pots is it with a Tool? Or hand Made yourself? id love 2know also :)

17 Sep, 2008


Hand-made by MY hands! I use a tray of flowerpots and sheets of newspaper (not the broadsheets, ones like the Express, Mail etc.). One page per pot. I fold it down lengthways so that when it's in the pot, the paper will stick up above the pot. Then I curve it round my hand and into the pot. I use my knuckles to push it down into the bottom of the pot and Hey Presto! A neat newspaper lining! Then when I've done the whole tray, I fill each new 'pot' with compost and plant three Sweet pea seeds in each. I water them then, and again occasionally through the winter. The newspaper pots complete with seedlings get planted in the soil in the spring. They are of course a bit soggy by then, and they aren't stable, so I have to be a bit careful getting them out of the flowerpots. I tear the excess newspaper away from above the plants as I plant them. The rest rots away in the soil. I do hope all this makes sense. Maybe I'll make some and take photos of the process - and write it as a blog. What do you think?

17 Sep, 2008


Your explanation of how to make them is perfect so I will have a go at that next week. When should I expect to see the seeds shoot? How deep to I put them in the compost in the pots? Sorry so useless and so glad I can ask someone. The gardening books dont explain the things I need to know!

17 Sep, 2008


Glad it makes sense! PLEASE don't apologise - we are all learning new things all the time! The Sweet pea seeds usually germinate in about 10 - 14 days, sometimes quicker, depending on the temperature. I poke the seed into the compost with my finger about up to about an inch maybe? Oh, I forgot - the night before you want to plant your seeds, soak them in tepid water overnight, they will swell a little, and it helps them to germinate. Some people 'nick' the seed coating with a knife, but I haven't found that necessary (and I'd probably cut off my fingers! LOL)

17 Sep, 2008


Spritzhenry, please do that blog. It'll be brilliant for all of us!

17 Sep, 2008


Fantastic Spritz! many news papers will be being kept now 2 make my very own Pots :)X

19 Sep, 2008

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