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laying decking

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can i lay a deck kit directly on top of soil- i have a 3x3m plot. the lawn has been dug up and removed. could i place concrete slabs over membrane in the corners to raise the deck above soil level?



you will have to tamp down the ground to hopefully prevent the slabs sinking into the ground. you could dig down and concrete in the slabs, you will need to put a couple of slabs in the centre as well.try your easy option 1st, if it all starts moving revert to plan b!!!! lol......steve

15 Sep, 2008


Don't leave spaces for rats to get underneath. Our neighbours laid some just behind their house with open sides and some rats took up residence there. They were visiting our garden to eat the bird food so we had to put containers of rat poison out for them. I don't think our neighbours were even aware. They tend not to go in the garden in winter.

15 Sep, 2008


one of my biggest tips is never put wood next to soil.using old slabs or breeze blocks also lets the wood breathe and if done right is easier to keep level.if i was going to do decking i would use old scaffold boards.its a lot cheaper and they last much longer and look a lot diferent.

17 Sep, 2008

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