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i just started lifting the old paving slabs from my back garden, need some ideas what i could do? i have a 2yr old so i need somewhere safe for him to play. however we also use this area to access the house throught the back and have a large couner pond that we have filled with soil. what do you think off artificial grass.




In the pool u can to plant some Rhododendron and you should clean the paving with a karcher

14 Sep, 2008


hey check out the question on "Rubber Mulch" or check out

I've never used artifical grass, but I hear it can look really good, the gardeners on this site won't be too impressed by it though, they are hard core, old school gardeners. In fact you might upset a few of them with the mention of artificial grass. They got very upset about rubber mulch in fact.

You can buy rubber slabs has well, these would be ideal for kiddies to play on. Are you looking to make the area specifically child friendly or do you want a garden has well? One that you can enjoy through your own gardening and handy work.

Let me know how you get on.

14 Sep, 2008


hello mate how about some low decking at the house and decking going up 2 steps almost like a bridge comming from the pond.a few nice planters and tropical plants and grassess /bamboo in your planter.give it some structure and take away that obl0ong shape.maybe plant a couple of choice trees to the left of the pond either side.its only a sugestion.i hope . ive helped bye for my best advise is dont rush it and wait till your isppired

14 Sep, 2008


Decking sounds like a great idea, make sure the area's not shaded though, you'll get moss and algae all over it, and if you have a two year child decking can be extremely slippery when wet, and that's just walking across it, can you imagine what a two year old could do. I think the childs the priority here.

But yeah wait until you're inspired, acting on inspiration achieves great results.

14 Sep, 2008


I would not turn up my nose at artifical grass - it doesn't need cutting, feeding, weeding, aerating or scarifying. In a small area with a lot of shade, real grass would always have problems anyway. Some childrens' playgrounds have a covering of chipped bark

14 Sep, 2008


thanks everyone for your suggestions, they have all been helpful.

15 Sep, 2008

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