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i have about 100 conifer trees ither side of my driveway on one side they have formed a lovely hedge on the other side the branches have started growing about 2 feet from the ground leaving abare patch,
i have grubed out all growth in front so as the light and suncan get to them and am diging in horse manure around the roots could you advise me on what else i can do and what fertelizer ishould use etc



They will probably not resprout from the lower part of the trunks, so how about disguising the bare trunks with something tough that will grow in the dry, dark soil beneath them. I'd try Euphorbia robbiae which is evergreen and had lime green flowers in early summer. Or use a variegated ivy, you can use the small leaved ones sold as house plants as long as you harden them off first. also, snowdrops or bluebells. With all of these you will need to enrich the planting holes with compost and water them well for the first summer.

13 Feb, 2011

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