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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I'm so glad I was careful when weeding the woodland bit in our new garden. I keep getting lovely surprises like this one that has recently appeared in exactly the right place (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you won't tell me it's a villain) Please identify it if you can.






This is what you have Bernard.

A delight in the garden but they seed everwhere.

10 Sep, 2008


For people like me with ultra slow Dialup Internet, an answer is better than a link, please!
This is Alchemilla mollis. If you chop it right back after flowering you get the benfit of the leaves without the trouble of the self seeding, or leastways not as much self seeding!

10 Sep, 2008


Yes link says Alchemilla Mollis and when you dead head flowers you get a second flush of blooms in the season.

Sorrry OB thought most folk now like me have broadband it syrs since we were on dial up.

10 Sep, 2008


The penalties of living deep in the country is that we will never get line based Broadband.
There are other Alchemilla, which are just as lovely but do not seed like this one. Aa. alpina and ellenbeckii are just two of them.

10 Sep, 2008


Mine behave well and don't seed everywhere. Sometimes I wish they would!

10 Sep, 2008


Mine don't seed everywhere either, much to my surprise because it's got such a reputation for it. I've actually tried to chuck some of the seedheads where I wanted them this year but no sign of germination yet.

10 Sep, 2008


I bought a packet of these seeds Bernard and am hoping there will be some plants for next year. With a bit more light it will have limey-green frothy flowers. Beautiful after the rain, it looks great teamed with the purple and blues of Spring flowers.

10 Sep, 2008


Well, you folks are very lucky. If I miss a single seed head then we are weeding them out of the paths for weeks

10 Sep, 2008

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