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ive grown my own apple tree from a pip its only small still in a little pot when can i plant it outside hope you can help thanks steve



Spring is probably the best time, or keep it in a pot until it is a reasonable size. Sadly trees grown from apple pips will not be the same as the parent. Malus domestica is reckoned to be the most variable plant of all from seed. You will end up with a huge tree( possibly) which has tiny crab apples (possibly). Still there is the small chance that you will end up with something useful, after all Granny Smith did.

10 Sep, 2008


Hi steve, my daughter planted a seed from a cherry when she was 7yrs old, shes 21 now and the tree is huge, this yr was the first time we got fruit from it. photo on page 13 of my home page if you want to see it.

10 Sep, 2008

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