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i have an awful lot of snails in my garden that like to come out at night they are all over the patio and my garden walls haow can i get rid of them



Get out there with a bucket after it has rained.

9 Sep, 2008


well there's lots of ways, the bucket would be the most humane way, however you could go down the chemical route or more practically you could leave out bowls of beer the night before, they kill themselves from the alcohol, it's very effective.

If all else fails, you could try asking nicely, just explain your situation, tell them that you understand that they have just has much right to be on this planet has you do however they are not in harmony with what you want so with the best interests of everybody in mind it would be best if they left and found a place where they would be appreciated and be harmonious with their surroundings.

This probably won't work. I did say if all else fails.

9 Sep, 2008


Or ask them to go live in the compost bins :) Seriously Campbell, ive tried everything humanely, and they dont work as well as the Pellets, and i still pick them off my plants, if im in a good mood they go into my compost bins, where they get big and Fat, if i find them on my, soon to flower Brugmansias, they get flung as far away as i can throw them Grrrrr.

9 Sep, 2008


mine go on holiday every week lol, i pick them off my plants and patio in the evening and they go straight into the wheelie bin

10 Sep, 2008


i also have a big snail and slug problem and the best thing i fing is good old fashioned salt

11 Sep, 2008

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