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Moving pear tree


By Ef37

United Kingdom Gb

I have a pear tree in my garden which is right in the midle of where I want to have decking, the pear tree is 40+ years old. How easy would it be to relocate in my garden?



I wouldn't think you can move a 40yrs old pear tree. Better to get a new one they fruit fairly quickly.

9 Sep, 2008


Why not put the decking somewhere else!

9 Sep, 2008


I can't see that happening succesfully, however semi mature trees can be moved succesfully, it is a specialist task but it can be done, it usually takes a couple of years to complete the process. You would almost certainly have to get the professionals involved. Contact a "qualified" aboriculturist, they'll be able to help you out. Make sure they are an aboriculturist and not just some person who cut's trees for a living.

You never specified the size of the tree, so this of course would be a major factor in determining whether or not you can re-locate your tree or not.

Ok good luck, I hope this helped you make a decision.

9 Sep, 2008


The other alternative, depending on the size of the deck, is to have the pear tree growing through a hole cut round the tree. If you do this, make sure the hole is large enough to allow the tree to increase its girth

9 Sep, 2008


Thats the best idea Andrew, My hub built the decking last year around the 10 year old Cordy because i didnt want to chance replanting it.... Dee...

9 Sep, 2008


yeah that sounds great except that it may not be practical, the idea of the deck may be that people can sit down at a table, the fact that a forty year old pear tree is there may be a problem. It may be totally in the way or may cause a lot of shade.

9 Sep, 2008


Very uneasy!

10 Sep, 2008


Many thanks for the advice, I would like to keep the pear tree but unfortunately the fruit makes a mess when it falls so if I can't move it, it will have to be cut down.

11 Sep, 2008

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