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By Sues

Greece Gr

I have a beautiful yellow/orange single hybiscus and cannot find another so would like to propogate from mine. How can I do this.



Dear Sues,
The general rule is to take cuttings in March 3ins. long in peat and sand compost. put one node below the compost. 3 in a 3in. clay pot. (60).
I have made many arial layers of shrubs, not too far into secondary thickening, i.e Hibiscus.
After leaf fall, disbud a node 3 to 4ins. down the stem or stems. Make a cut on the slant underneath the node. Put a small piece of flint in the cut to keep it open. Wrap the stem in Spagnum moss, tied in with bass, cover the moss with polythene tied in with bass to stop drying out.
In early spring check to see how well the roots have formed. Cut stems well below node cutting. Above the next node the piece of stem is not required on the parent plant. Take off the polythene and plant in the place you wish it to grow. Do not remove moss.
If you have any questions about this please contact me.

9 Sep, 2008

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