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I was hoping someone would be able to identify this strange green/brown slime growing on a gravel path in my garden! I was wondering if it was a liverwort species?




I've seen this growing in my father's garden. I don't know what it is but I don't think it's a liverwort. I had liverworts in the garden of the cottage where I lived. They didn't look like this.
All the best, Hywel.

8 Sep, 2008


I have the same Fungus growing in one of my paths. It is nasty jelly like . I rake mine up when weather is dry, otherwise it is very heavy. I think you could buy a fungicide for paths etc, but I have found that raking it up leaves it clear for this season. Mine comes back in late Spring after heavy rain.. It grows strongly on Granite chippings but on Gravel is less of a nuisance..

8 Sep, 2008


Hello again. I have checked with the book and it is a form of Peziza.. I will put a sim ilar picture on my photos. I've raked all mine up , a barrow full. and the pathshould now stay clear.

13 Sep, 2008


I have this in my garden too: and have been battling with it for two or three years. From one small spot it is overtaking. I clear it away, but even a tiny spot grows back ferociously; on patio, concrete and even amongst bedding plants.
This is the only reference I have seen to it on the internet.
Any other suggetsions?

8 Oct, 2011


I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have also had this fungus/slime problem for 2-3 years. It's growing all year round on our extensive seashell paths and is difficult to rake up. It seems to dry up but as soon as it rains it plumps up again and looks a goopy mess. It doesn't seem to be growing amongst the plants or on the lawn. We're trialing a copper oxychloride spray to see if this helps.
Any other suggestions?

4 Jan, 2012

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