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Growing Ivy


By Pauli

United Kingdom Gb

I have Ivy growing up the side wall of the outside of my house. I'm worried that it will spread to the roof and it's in a difficult position to get at. How do I stop it in its tracks without damaging my wall and what will happen if it gets on to my roof?



You are right to be concerned. Ivy can damage walls and get under fascia boards. It is so strong once it gets going that it could lift tiles. Can you get to the main stem? If so, cut through it twice - taking a slice out so that it can't re-join. Then the whole plant will start to die and eventually the leaves will fall. If it's a very large plant, it takes a LONG time to die off! This is from personal experience! it is much easier to pull dead ivy off a wall than living strands.

7 Sep, 2008


For a few years I allowed ivy to grow up my house wall and just kept cutting out all new growth above a certain height but I got sick of trying to keep on top of it. I also had a berberis in front of it so it was getting to be a (literal) pain to attend to it. When I decided it had to go, I found it easy enough to take live ivy off my house wall, stripping it top down, but I hadn't let it quite get past reachable height in the first place so do what you feel is safest. I wouldn't let it get up into your roof - bad idea.

7 Sep, 2008

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