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Yucca elephantipes - not doing well - yellow and brown leaves with dark spots


By David56

United Kingdom Gb

Good Morning to all. We have bought Yucca elephantipes, that was about three weeks ago. Since we brought it to our house, it started looked unhappy. It started to fade, the leaves go yellow and brown, with dark spots on them.
It is situated indoor, just next to window. The plant is well watered, has enough light, but not any direct. We tried to use stick fertiliser, but it does seems to be doing any good.
Any ideas about this situation?! Thank you very much for your answers and ideas.


On plant Yucca elephantipes



The only advice in my ref. book that is very slightly different is the amount of light needed. It says 'full light'. Also, it says give a balanced liquid feed monthly and water moderately, sparingly in winter. Does any of this help?

7 Sep, 2008



don't know an awful lot about plants, but am learning... From what I have read about yuccas (and I have one, doing well at present and had it for about 2 months now), is that they don't like to be watered too regularly. They favour full sun, but should be fine in slightly darker areas, providing it's not also too cold (whatever 'too cold is' - may want to look into this one on the net!?). I have only watered mine about two times since I bought it and they apparently like to dry out a little before the next watering. It sits in the centre of a long room, which isn't very bright unless it's full sun outside. It is a good idea though, in warm temps/weather, to get it in the full sun every now and then - mine goes on the south-facing warm window cill probably once a week or so for a day.

Hope this helps!

C :0)

22 Sep, 2008

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