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My wife bought a mimosa plant in France and we brought it home to UK (Somerset). It appears to be growing well but has started to shed lots of the fine needle leaves. I am concerned that it may not survive the winter. I have it in a conservatory on the North side of the house.(picture shows plant outside conservatory) Please can you advise on best soil type, watering and or feeding, and general care including pruning.




I am assuming that it's Acaia dealbata. It's not a very hardy shrub/tree, as you probably are aware. My RHS book tells me that it needs a warm wall for shelter, and to be grown in full sun (HAHA). The soil needs to be neutral - acid. It resents hard pruning. If you haven't got a warm and sheltered position then it will need winter protection or to be grown in your conservatory! As it can grow up to 30m tall, you'll have to give it gentle haircuts indoors. By the way - welcome to GOY. I am in West Somerest so we are 'neighbours'! I suspect that the shock of moving it has caused the leaf drop. I have seen lovely specimens growing outdoors in the right place - and in London, too! Somerset may be too windy and wet for it- depending on your garden. Good luck with it!

6 Sep, 2008

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