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Hi Everyone
I have been managing to keep my greenhouse around 12/18c without using very little heat during the day and only a gentle low mid setting at night. This I have done using a 750 watt oil filled radiator and some very thick bubble wrap purely for cost effectiveness is this enough heat for winter flowering bulbs that have started to come out of there dormancy such as cyrtanthus ,nerine ,hessea etc or will they need more
Cheers and happy new year to all



Happy New Year to you, Steve.
I would think that your temperatures will be Ok for these bulbs, they don't want to be too hot, but they will need lots of light.
The bubble wrap will restrict the amount of daylight coming into the greenhouse. Could you consider a fluorescent tube in the green house or remove the bubble wrap from part of it during daylight and put it back at night.
We don't use extra light in our greenhouse but I know that a lot of growers do. With our short winter days up here I do notice that our early greenhouse crocus and narcissus do get rather drawn.

31 Dec, 2010

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