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Can you use a digital PH meter to measure soil ph?


By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you use a digital PH meter to measure soil PH?

If so, how would i go about it?



Is it one for meauring water pH, for use with aquaria? If so, then I suppose you could mix up some soil in water (which should be measured first to ensure it's neutral), and take a reading from the solution you've made. Worthy

30 Dec, 2010


You need to get some distilled water (neutral pH) and then make up a solution with the soil.
I don't know just how you go about calibrating pH meters for domestic use but the chemists in our labs used to go to great lengths to calibrate theirs, and insisted that this was terribly important.

30 Dec, 2010


Yes it has the two metal pins you stick in liquid and dial on front. How much water to soil do you think, for a accurate reading?

30 Dec, 2010


Probably about half & half, Funguy, but this will be trial and error.

30 Dec, 2010


Thanks Bulbaholic,and Worthy. I will give it a go then. I'll buy a test kit and compare the results to see if i have been able to do it correctly.

31 Dec, 2010


you have to use de-ionised water, mix a teaspoon of soil with about 10ml of di-water. Shake well and leave to settle for about 5 mins. Then follow the instructions that came with the pH meter. This is the method I use at work. Make sure the container you use has been rinsed out with the di-water too.

31 Dec, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl, very helpful, hope you are well and have enjoyed the festive period.

3 Jan, 2011


yes thanks but with all the snow and ice I have been pretty much 'confined to barracks'. plenty to eat and drink however :o)

3 Jan, 2011

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